Personal Loan For Wedding Due to High Expenses

In India, marriage takes place in a grand manner. Friends and relatives are involved in settling the marriage in a thoughtful manner. According to the plan, a lot of preparation has to be done for this. Marriage is an important moment in everyone’s life and everyone wants a grand wedding of dreams. Although everything looks fantastic on the wedding day, but to make it special, a lot of money and pre-planning takes place.

Whenever we make a budget for a wedding, we calculate the expenses according to our needs. The big expenses of the wedding include food, expensive gifts, heavy tents, grand venue and gleaming lights and decorations. There is no end to expenses in marriage.

If we make a list of such expenses and decide the budget accordingly, then even some uninvited expenses come to the wedding. With such uninvited expenses, we are in a state of confusion. This is a situation where you cannot wait for a long time to get the loan amount.

Personal loans are considered the best way to deal with such an emergency. Personal loans have the feature of instant disbursement, which is the most effective way to deal with financial problems.

What are the additional expenses in marriage

Send invites

This is one of the unexpected expenses of marriage and no one makes a budget to send invitations. Invitation cards are heavy and quite a number. If you are sending an Invitation Card through post, then its charges are very high.

Surprise guests

In this way, you should prepare a guest list in advance and make arrangements accordingly. But what you think in marriage, it is reversed many times. Sometimes some guests come suddenly. Due to such people, the entire budget gets spoiled and you may be short of money.

Paying tip

These are also included in those expenses, which people often ignore. If you have to give tip to only one person, it will not make much difference. But if you have to give tip to many people then the pocket will make a difference. At the wedding, you have to give a tip to the caterer, makeup artist and room service person, which certainly becomes a huge amount.

Service Tax and GST

These taxes are hidden expenses, which when added together, they become big. All wedding expenses come in luxury items, which are taxed at the rate of 28 percent. Tax plays an important role in wedding expenses in India.

Transport for guests

In India, marriage is an occasion when a lot of guests are welcomed. It is common practice to bring them to or leave the airport or railway station. In some unusual situations, you have to bear the entire cost of the guests’ visit. There is no planning of such expenses also and if this happens then you will need money.

Overtime penalty

When you book a caterer or marriage venue, it is for a fixed period. But many times the rituals are not completed within the stipulated time and you have to pay overtime penalty. Overtime penalty is quite common in Indian marriages.

The expenses of such unexpected marriage come before us in our own marriage or in the marriage of a close relative. There are many other reasons, due to which you may need money immediately. Whenever we make a budget for marriage, we should always keep some money extra so that whenever the conditions mentioned above arise, we can use that extra amount.

But many times, even the additional amount cannot meet those expenses. In such circumstances only personal loan can help you. Pre-approved personal loan for marriage is the best way to come out of such troubles. Pre-approved online personal loans are much faster and easier than personal loans. If you have a pre-approved loan online, then money will reach your account in a few hours. But before taking a loan, check your monthly EMI through personal loan EMI calculator. So that the lack of money can be met without any delay.

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